Monday, February 16, 2009

Grad School Update

Reached a milestone the other day by submitting the last piece of required paperwork for admission to a graduate program. It's quite the process and if anyone says it's a piece of cake, they are wrong.

For the record, I have applied to five schools in four different states. I won't say where on this blog until I have been accepted and decided where I want to go, at least not for now. I am of course hoping for multiple acceptances so I can have a choice where I end up...and even with the initial application process done, there is still follow up, assistantships to be applied for and the like. Definitely a marathon as opposed to a sprint.

So here's where I stand today...
Submitted Applications: Five
Acceptances: One
Rejections: One
Waiting to hear: Three


Sharon said...

All the best to you!

Aspen said...

I like the new look!
And yes, good luck!