Monday, March 23, 2009

If You Are Flying to Chicago From MSP...

I urge you to try Southwest Airlines. I thought I would check out their new service on the trip discussed in the previous post, and I was not disappointed.

1. There are NO BAGGAGE FEES!
2. You can sit where you want on the plane.
3. Their "home" at MSP is the smaller, easier to navigate HHH Terminal.
4. Their "home" in Chicago, Midway, is easier to navigate than O'Hare, at least I have been told so by many.
5. They don't look at you funny for requesting preboarding as if to say "How disabled are you, really?" (I've had that happen if traveling without a chair or the scooter)
6. Flight crews and gate agents are cheerful and flight attendant sang to us and offered to take me to baggage claim and ground transportation himself when my requested wheelchair escort was nowhere to be seen upon arrival in Mpls.

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avonde said...

I know a pilot for Southwest, and that alone makes me feel safer with them. He's highly qualified, and I know how his schedule runs (so I know that he doesn't work when he's sick and that he doesn't work insanely long hours). Then again, I hate flying and am trying to find a way to never have to fly again, but that probably will get thrown out the window when I finally get back to Europe. Glad you had such a good experience with them!